Why You Should Play Online Scratchcards Instead of Store-Bought Ones

Win Real Money from the Best Casinos Online

The holy grail for every player is to play a fairly simple game, win as quickly as possible without spending too much, have an opportunity to win the jackpot, bag that and cash out and retire earlier in life than planned. We all want it and you are most likely here to see how it can be obtained through the option of playing scratch cards online and we’re here to relay that information on. Scratch card gaming is a forgotten source of riches when it comes to casino games. The lobbies are dominated by online slots, live games of blackjack and roulette and there is the added option of sports betting to contend with. Scratch games are left in the murk of ‘specialist’ games, yes, it is a niche option, but who really wants to play a hundred different roulette games live when they are all basically the same.


Anyway, to help provide you with the limited options of playing scratch card games on the market, this site has compiled the sites in the SA region that do present the scratch card game to its members. Not many online casinos have this choice, so to save wasting your time looking the results are instant with one click.

Another reason for using this site is because they also give you sites that are legally available to join given the gambling laws in South Africa. They are registered in the UK and Malta, therefore, meeting the terms and requirements of a casino. They are licensed by the highest powers the industry has and come regulated, meaning that each and every one of their games have been fully tested and approved as being fair games to play on, no rigging, no trickery, just 100% honest scratch card games and many more.

Scratch Cards Give You the Opportunities You Need

Scratch cards are a fantastic game for players to utilize and take advantage of. There are simply hundreds made to choose from and behind slot machines, they are the second most diverse game within any casino lobby. The more choice, the more opportunity you have, and scratch cards will give you this more than 90% of other games available.

Playing is simple and if you have never played them before, with one game, you will know how to play all of them.

How to win: Simply match up 3 symbols or icons the game uses, and you win a prize.

How to play: Load the game and select the amount you wish to pay to play the game.

The more you put in, the more you potentially have of getting out. Then you click the play or reveal button and the panel that hides the symbols or icons is removed or ‘scratched away’. The paytable will indicate what each symbol represents as a value.

The time to play each game, no more than 10 seconds, 5 if you play auto games. It really is that fast to play and make money from. It really is that easy to play and have fun with and it really does come with big jackpot wins that can be as massive as 15,000,000!!!


Online Gaming vs. Real Gaming

By the time you walk to a licensed store to buy a scratch card game, you could have registered to a casino online, signed up, deposited money to play and already be 20 games in, by which time, you may still be on your way to collecting your ‘real’ card from the store.

This isn’t our argument for playing online casino games, it evident that the option is far more convenient given that mobile gaming is the number one source for gambling.

Our argument for playing online scratch card games is all down to fairness. Both options can let you win millions, they are both offering different kinds of scratch games and they are just as easy and exciting as each other. However, when you buy a regular store scratch card, there is no way of knowing if the jackpot still exists. The games still remain on sale long after the main prize has been won, even when you are down to the option of winning the same amounts that you paid for the card in the first place, they remain there to buy, totally unfair.

Online casinos replenish any won amount with their scratch card games and for us, that is the argument settled. Everyone gets the opportunity to win the main prize because that’s what they are paying for and why they are playing the game. It’s time you became one of those people.